Hello ! Welcome to the documentation's home page for Mohist.

This documentation is not complete. We are actually working on it.

General Docs

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Mohist 1.12.2 — Click to deploy

How to install Mohist 1.12.2 ?

1. Download Mohist

Download the latest Mohist version at this page and put the jar file in an empty folder.

2. Preparation

Now you will need to create a .bat or .sh file to launch the server. In this file, write this :

java -jar -XmxRAMG Mohist-1.12.2-xxxxxxx-server.jar

Before saving the file, you will need to replace RAM in -XmxRAMG by your number of gigabytes of ram you want, then replace xxxxxxx by the commit id *like e5g8s6df for example*

Save the file.

3. Launching the server

This is the last step, just double click on your .bat or .sh, and let Mohist download libraries. After downloading libraries Mohist will ask you to accept the eula, just type yes in the console, and the eula.txt file will be created. Now your server is starting !

Enjoy 🙂

1.15.2 Docs

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