Forum Rules


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Dec 21, 2019

🎆 Rules are considered readed and accepted as soon as you sign up !

I - Forum account name and avatar

• No pornographic content.
• No impersonation.
• No political reference.
• No homophobic/racist or drug-related references.

▶ II - Messages & Threads

• Advertising, discrimination, sexism, racism and homophobia won't be tolerated.
• Spam, flood, and uppercase abuse are prohibited.
• Useless debates like "putting milk before or after cereals" are considered as spam.

▶ Prohibited content :

• Pornographic / Political / Religious / Racist link.
• Anything prohibited by law.
• Link to any malware / trojan / adware / malicious websites (includes popups, unsolicited / unecessary url shorteners, etc).

Please be aware that breaking ANY of the rules above could result in a defintive ban (ip ban), account suspension, mute, warn or other punishement. Anyone on the forum abides under those, that are subject to change without further notice, thus, make sure to check them regularly.
The rules can be edited. A modification
is considered read and accepted when the rules change.